One of the first thing that a consumer sees is a good packaging as good packaging not only makes the product attractive but also ensures that it is protected from the damage caused by environment and damages that might have caused during the transportation and packaging. It is the final stage of branding as well as it is more than just a label of content. There are many things that have surrounded about packaging, and we have listed some.

The packaging industry will reach 14 billion USD by 2022

According to research, the packaging industry will be a 14.64 billion dollar industry, which will cross the CAGR and reach up to 12.0%. The main driving factor is the demand that comes with the packaging as approximately $150 billion is just spend on the packaging of the product globally.

Employee retention rate is high in health care packaging industry

According to a report, 48% of health care packaging employees are sticking with the same company for 10+ years which makes them reliable and the survey also found out that packaging is the best industry for the best overall satisfaction. If you are an entrepreneur and want a solution for your packaging problem, JBM Packaging can help you overcome the issue.

The 1850s mark the arrival of first patent cardboard

Cardboard has existed for more than 200 years, but the first patent cardboard was introduced in the 1850s, but it was not until M.Treverton and son came up with the first commercially available cardboard boxes which were made commercially in the year 1871. Today, 90% of products are packed in this corrugated cardboard.

Plastic package is more prefered by the cosmetic industry

When plastic packaging came in the form of bottles, the cosmetic industry was quick to jump and is still considered one of the prefered packaging for them. Experts believe that plastic packaging will achieve a growth of 12%, but still, the most prefered form of plastic packaging plastic bottles industry will grow 30% as shares in the overall packaging industry. The reason is quite simple as the plastic more durable and is anti-spill and easy to carry.

The plastic they use for packaging our food, the companies do not know its contents

Plastic packaging can be made from oil, gas and many other harmful chemicals which is added to ensure different types of properties of plastic are achieved. Many of these mixtures are trademarked. This is where it becomes important for the customers to do their research before before buying any product with packaging as it is even their responsibility to know where their package is coming from and how they can correctly use the package to its maximum usage.…