How to Determine if You Need a New Roof

How to Determine if You Need a New Roof

If you want to live in a cozy, warm and leak free home than it is necessary for you to have a solid roof on your head. If you are lacking any of these facilities in your home then you will have to find the ways to find out whether you need a new roof or not. Some tips are provided here under to help you in this regard.  Check out a few more on Youtube.

Increasing age of the roof: If you have a 20-30 years old roof made from asphalt shingles then you should ask a home inspector to check its condition. If your neighbors and other people living nearby you are replacing their roofs even then it can be a clear sign that you also plan to have a new roof as soon as possible.  Matrix Roofing provides all sorts of great tips on their site.

Curling shingles: Shingles usually curl in two ways- in the cup shape and in a clawing shape. If the edges of the shingle are curling upward then it will be called cup shape whereas downward curl is known as clawing curl. But whatever be the shape of curl, curling shingles is the clear sign to find out that you need a new roof.

Entirely missing shingles: If some of the shingles of your roof are completely missing then functionally you roof is not eligible to protect you from the leaks. In this condition instead of replacing those missing shingles with new one you should plan to replace the entire roof with a new one due to various reasons. If you are replacing missed shingles after many years of installing the roof then other shingles might also have worn out during these years. Moreover the color of the granules of the shingles will not match with the color of new shingles and the roof will look odd with few new shingles.

Cracked shingles: If some of the shingles at different places on your roof are cracked then you can plan to replace them. But if they are cracked a particular region or randomly throughout the roof then it is the clear sign that you need to install a new roof at the first possible opportunity.

Granules of shingles found in the gutter: If you find the granules of asphalt shingles in the gutters after 10-15years of installing your roof then it can be a considerable sign of problem in your roof. The granules of shingles help in saving the asphalt in your roof from sun rays. The quality of your roof gets affected quickly, once the granules of the shingles start falling off it.

Algae or moss covers the shingles: Though it cannot be a reason to replace your roof as it affects only its looks but if you are planning to remove moss or algae by scrapping the shingles or power washing the roof then it can be dangerous for the roof. Power washing or scrapping the roof can easily chip off the granules of the shingles which can make your shingles ineffective. So, if most of the shingles on your roof are covered with moss or algae then it is a clear sign that you need a new roof in near future.…