How-To Guide to Perfectly Ironed Clothes

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Ironing, for some people, is a joyous way of spending one’s time as they get tremendous satisfaction just by smoothing out the wrinkles on clothes. However, if you are like me, you probably dread the thought of ironing your clothes unless it is for really important occasions. No matter what group you belong to, following some of the tips mentioned below will definitely improve your ironing experience as well as give you a better know-how of how different fabrics are to be ironed.

I. General guidelines

a) Always pay attention to the garment care label instructions.

b) While decreasing the temperature setting of your iron, always wait for the light to come on and then go off before starting to iron.

c) Keep your clothes sorted neatly into piles of cotton, wool, linen etc.

d) It is always advisable to start ironing with those clothes that require the least temperature and then slowly moving on to the ones that need higher temperatures. This minimizes the danger of scorching your clothes due to the use of excess heat.
steam ironsII. Ironing wool clothing

Wool is a natural fabric and if wrinkled, just hanging the item will be sufficient to de-wrinkle it. Nevertheless, if it is heavily creased ironing may be required. It is always best to use a steam iron for ironing woollen clothes. If you do not have one, an alternative would be to get a white cotton towel and rinse most of the water, use this to provide moisture during ironing. Ironing the garment on the inside by turning it inside out would help avoid any shine due to ironing.

III. Ironing cotton clothing

Clothes that are made of pure cotton tend to get wrinkled easily. Ironing them is the best way of getting rid of wrinkles. Ensure that the clothes are ironed on the inside, as this will help avoid any finish on the cotton being removed. Never iron over stains as this can cause them to become permanent.

IV. Ironing polyester clothing

steam ironsPolyester like wool is resilient to wrinkling and hence normally does not need to be ironed. However, if need be, one can always use the iron on a low setting. Using a high temperature may result in the scorching of the material.

V. Ironing velvet clothing

One should never iron velvet clothing. Velvet should be steamed in order to remove the wrinkles formed. Steam irons can be helpful since they are easy-to-use.

By following these simple tips you can iron your clothes with perfection.